8 nov 2009

Eomot RaSun - Three days walkin' (1999)

Eomot RaSun (pronounced E-oh-maht RAH-sahn) was born Ezra Lee Blakely Jr. on May 2, 1945 in Clarksdale, Mississippi and moved to Chicago at age 5. In 1973 Eomot legally changed his name and began to study African history. Eomot translates to English to mean, "the child comes home unto himself." RaSun, meaning "sun sun" refers to the Sun God "Ra."
This is a great album, this is "Blues with a feeling" (track 7).
Eomot is one of the best harp playing I've heard in a long time,
and Jimmy D. Lane plays guitar!!! A great blues CD for your collection.

Album: Three Days Walkin'
Genre: Blues
Styles: Modern Electric Chicago Blues
Recorded: 1998
Released: 1999
Label: Analogue Productions Original
File: mp3 @256kbps
Size: 82.20 MB
Time: 42:35
Art: Front & Back Cover
1. Goin' to Chicago
2. Walkin' These Blues Away
3. Last Night
4. Let's Jump
5. Poor Boy
6. Sons Too Young
7. Blues With a Feeling
8. So Tired
9. Biscuits & Gravy
10. Try Your Best



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